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  • Help feed the pigs at Footprints animal sanctuary and get these cute resin piggy earrings as a thank you For just £25 you can feed all 21 pigs at Footprints animal sanctuary their Xmas dinner and get these stud piglet earrings & brooch as a reminder of the awesome gift you gave

    Necklace: Charity Piggy Earrings FUNDRAISER

  • Charity Badge for Beneath The Woods Animal Sanctuary by eco-ethical brand Viva La Vegan Charity badge for Beneath the woods animal sanctuary

    38mm Beneath The Woods Charity Badge #53 pigs

  • Boho chic bamboo Pendant disk design

    Necklace: Charity Bamboo Necklace Disk Design

  • Vegan Badge Save My Bacon

    Tower Hills Charity Badge. VLV 25mm Statement Badge: SAVE MY BACON


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