Vegan Accessories

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  • Camp Beagle Bandana – Help Free The MBR Beagles

  • Global Compassion Art Print by eco ethical brand Viva La Vegan global compassion close up by eco-ethical brand Viva La Vegan

    A3 VEGAN ART PRINT – Global Compassion (unframed)

  • camp beagle banner / flag camp beagle banner used at camp by viva la vegan

    Camp Beagle Banner / Flag: It’s Not Science It’s Violence

  • Vegan Camper Van holographic vinyl sticker. By Eco ethical brand Viva La Vegan

    Vinyl Vegan Sticker – CAMPER V(eg)AN

  • Sky Kittens holographic sticker on a black note book. by eco ethical brand Viva La Vegan

    Vinyl Sticker – Protect Our Sky Kittens

  • A picture of a pair of vinatge roller skates with an overlay of the product being sold which is a small (25mm) sized badge with a rooler skate and the words "Vegan Skater - Thats how I roll" on it. Designed by Viva La Vegan. Vegan skater 25mm badge This Is How I Roll by Eco-ethical Brand Viva La Vegan

    25 mm Statement Badge: Vegan Skater

  • Go Vegan Tattoo Hands Vinyl Stickers by Viva La Vegan Go Vegan Tattoo Hands Vinyl Sticker by Viva La Vegan

    XL Vinyl Vegan Sticker – Go Vegan Tattoo Knuckles

  • Window Cling – Friends Not Food 10 x 7 cm

  • Sweet cartoon style group of animals Budgie, bunny, puppy, 2 kittens with the text Adopt Don't Shop at the top, smaller text at the bottom an estimated 250,000 animals go into rescues in the UK every year.

    Window Cling – Adopt Don’t Shop 10 x 7 cm


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