Journey down the rabbit hole into the world of VLV.

Voted Best Vegan Fashion at Vegfest Awards 2021

Written by Jay


Yay! We won last night at the Vegfest Awards, Making it 6 years in a row. WOW! It always makes me so happy and proud of the support our fabulous ambassadors and customers give us. This support, that in truth, we have always received, confirms our belief in putting the animals first. That’s why we try our hardest to provide thought-provoking original graphics and designs that we then print onto our vegan clothing.


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john awen

Rebel with a cause

Written by Awen John

As a compassionate Vegan and a passionate human being, I truly believe that it is imperative that as individuals we are never muted, our voices are powerful and history shows us all that changes happen when people use their voices in opposition of situations and circumstances which are often overlooked and ignored.

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Vegan Cake Goes Viral – Charlie Biscoff Caterpillar

Written by Beth

As an 80’s baby, Colin the caterpillar was an integral part of every birthday party growing up! I cherish precious memories, nostalgia and family traditions and the caterpillar cake has created and been a part of many of those over the years.

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